As a game official in the National Football League from 1988 to 2006 I learned first hand the negative affects the rigors of airline travel, the stress of being an on-field official, and working full time as a physical therapist had on my overall health. I am also a long term survivor of cancer. With this varied combination of experiences I became interested in finding ways to improve my health and well being.

As each season would come and go I began to notice how many more colds, joint aches and pains, and sprains and strains I was having throughout the season. Finally after suffering a season ending injury in a 2002 game and undergoing surgery I was introduced to Nutriex nutrient products as a way to prevent recurring illness, sprains and strains and to improve my overall health.

I was not eating a well balanced diet not only during the season but throughout the year and was not getting enough of the necessary nutrients to maintain my health. I began using Nutriex Sport in October 2002 to supplement my diet and within two to three months I was having fewer aches and pains, less colds, flu and sprains and strains.

Nutriex Sport provided me with the essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and cartilage protection to continue my officiating career. I believe that without the use of Nutriex Sport my officiating career would probably be over and I would not be enjoying the good health I have at this time. has recently ranked the Nutriex products as the #1 multi-system nutrient delivery products on the market.

     ~Doug Toole, P.T.